Beautifully illustrated and vibrant, along with being visually captivating it has valuable message to share:
Your Curly Girl is Beautiful Just the Way She Is.

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about jamie loves her natural hair

"This book exceeded my expectations!!! It's one of my daughter's favorites and she tells people all of the time that she loves her natural hair. I just recently chopped all my hair off and have decided to keep it natural. This children's book has actually been an inspiration to me as well!"


Jamie is a school age girl who realizes that her hair is very different from her peers and what she sees in media leaving her to feel like somewhat of an outsider. However, she comes to accept her voluminous curls and appreciate her hair's beautifully unique qualities, leaving her with an overall better sense of self.

Our MissioN

To teach girls right from the start that their hair is beautiful as is with a fun, easy to read, story for bed time or short day time activity. This book is designed for children 4 to 8.